Hehe Kesian this blog.. I used to think that this is where the three of us can update each other since we no longer meet up everyday like before. Tapi, the two girls are always M.I.A. Hmm...

Anyway, I won't be blogging here anymore. If you're bored and wanna see what I'm up to, just add me up on Facebook. Or you can go to my blog or Tumblr. Do drop me an email if you want to access my blog, yeah? (Just check my Facebook profile for my email address if you don't have one) :)

Well, good luck to the UBD students for their exams! Especially to Hanie~ You can do it! Hehe <3


SHR 1430

It's that time again...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri~
I would like to minta ampun and maaf for all my wrongdoings sepanjang ku kenal kamu. Biasalah.. Mulut ni selalu tersalah cakap, tersilap kata.. Well, I even said and did some bad things, intentionally, which I am not proud of. I know I'm wrong, but I cannot undo everything. I'm still human after all. Minta maaf lagi sekali.

Sigh.... Goodbye Ramadhan~ I'll miss you..

Ramadhan Greetings

It has been 19 days of fasting now.. and this blog is dying of neglect. :P

But I guess it's never too late to wish all of the Muslims a Happy Fasting Month~

Get This from

Get This from

Get This from

Public terror


I just got back from jalan2.. My mom dragged me to the indoor stadium.. Today's the final day for the Asean's Products. Yatah she brought me there. Thank god Nonong tagged along because I can't stand shopping for these kains, tudungs and stuff. Especially during these H1N1 commotions. So all I did was looking around.. and avoiding people who seems to be in an unhygienic conditions. You'd never believe what I saw..
Justify Full
There was this old man.. I noticed him because he was sniffling.. So he wiped his nose with his hands.... and then onto his pants.. Eww right?

Then there was this Indonesian guy.. apa kan tu namanya? Salesman? Heh :p Anyway, he was on the phone and it just happened that I was looking at his direction.. You know what he did? He was PICKING HIS NOSE!!! He could've touched all the kains and tudungs there!! I quickly told my sister and mom about it and took them away from him a.s.a.p.

Seriously.. Don't they read/watch the news??? Personal hygiene is important!! Especially at times like this.. But it's still icky.. In the public durang buat cematu.. *shivers*

And then, there were this young couple.. with their little children. They just let their daughter sit and squirm on the floor, which only God knows what was on it.. She could've touched her face, mouth, her little sister.. her parents.. *shrieks*

I am seriously freaking out. I am not going out again. Ever. :p

Panic & Fear

I submitted my thesis already. *yay* Tapi I felt that it's not good enough.. Oh well, I did my best. I hope I'll pass.. Amin~~

Anyway.. So kesian this blog.. Mana Hanie & Cath ni ahhh??

Well, I always see them online on Facebook, so they're probably busy playing quizzes and stuff. Hanie's the frequent updater on the H1N1 cases in Brunei. Gosh.. 93 cases already. Read here for more info... which brings me to this..

Yang penting for everyone masani is to avoid these activities and places:

  • Community gatherings
  • Shopping centers
  • Markets
  • Stalls
  • Restaurants
  • Cinemas
  • Swimming pools and the like

Personal hygiene is IMPORTANT!!

  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water and dry them using disposable tissue or the like
  • Use alcohol-based disposable hand wipes or gel sanitizers if there are no hand washing facilities
  • Cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough and discard used tissue in the dustbin
  • Avoid from people who has influenza like symptoms
  • Avoid from going to crowded places
Source: Ministry of Health, Brunei Darussalam

And last but not least, nya Minister of Health (source: Borneo Bulletin, 2nd July 2009):

"We don't have to live in fear and there is no need to panic. It's not necessary."

p/s Panic ku ni! Stay at home people! :p


Fixed already! And a new simple layout.. If you girls wanna change, nanti lagi lah.. :)

To Hanie:
Please jangan pakai MS Word to buat your blog draft.. Ok? Easiest pakai Notepad saja..

Okay, I'm outta here! See you next week (I hope)!


Bintang Pekerti '09

Nuthing much happened today.

Woke up late as usual, around 11am.

Shower. Watch Zack & Miri make porno, cloverfield (which i found it sucks big time alot causing me to feel nausea) and few episodes of family guys from season 7.

Then at night, went to the Police's stadium to watch a friend of mine performed in a singing competition.

These are the police officers's wives entertaining the audience

Honestly, it was boring.
So during the entire show, I spent most of my time cam-whoring with my <3 family =")">

Me and my elder sister.
We don't exactly look-alike that much as siblings.
I have smaller eyes & darker skin tone =D

Me & my significant other <3>

L to R: My elder sis, younger sis and my mom

Our friend who was one of the singing competition's contestants

Guess who we met there? =D
My mom was a fan of him.
She even planned to have him to perform at my wedding one day!!!

Then went to pasar malam at bandar for late night dinnerr.

She didn't get the top 3, but at least ada kana bagi sagu hati trophy right? ;)

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